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FASA is a registering body  for pedigreed cats in SA established in 1973 and is focused on promoting excellence in the care, breeding and exhibition of cats.




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 Owning, breeding and exhibiting cats is a fun and rewarding hobby.  If you are interested in a pedigree cat or kitten please visit the breeders page.  If you would like to show your cat (including the lovable domestic) you can find out all about future shows on the upcoming events page.


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FASA Banking details:

Westpac - Modbury
BSB: 035 046
Acct No: 437128
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"With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion, affection, patience, dignity, and courage, how many of us, I ask you,

would be capable of becoming cats?" -

Fernand Mery Her Majesty the Cat






Monday 13th February 2017


Fullarton Community Centre

411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton


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The Cat Control Council of Tasmania is pleased to present the 
CCCA National Cat Show 

in beautiful Tasmania.

The show will be on the 22nd & 23rd of July 2017 and held in 
the stunningly renovated Entally Lodge near Launceston, Tasmania.


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FASA and Governing Council and Dogs SA had a successful meeting on 10th November with the Hon Ian Hunter who is the SA State Minister responsible for our legislation, code and regulations. Whilst we thanked the Minister for his collaborative approach to date with regard to our laws here in SA we expressed the concern of members that in the future there was potential for SA to consider adopting the still draft Victorian model. The Minister was adamant that the current government, his advisors and he were not interested in adopting what he termed the sledgehammer approach of his interstate counterparts. Having spent the last few years working with us he assured us that we would continue to be consulted before drafts of anything were released let alone put up for Parliament to endorse and make into legislation. 

Whilst regulations do not need to go before Parliament, our new regulations are still being drafted in full consultation with FASA and all other stake holders and that will not change. Whilst we must all be alive to what is happening elsewhere, we must remember that our working relationship with the Minister and his advisors is in stark contrast to what is happening in Victoria. The Cat Fancy here in SA has strong proactive leadership and we must work to keep it that way. I know some of you worry that if the state government changes at the March 2018 state election, that things may change. Whilst nothing is ever cast in stone where politics is concerned, we must note and be comforted by the fact that the current legislation went up to our Parliament earlier this year and was passed with all political parties cooperating. That reduces the prospect of things changing radically.

This issue is just one reason why it is important that as we approach the 2017 AGM that people nominate or accept nominations to join FASA Management Committee to continue the work done to date on all issues associated with our hobby. The AGM has been brought forward to February so that we have the new MC in place at the start of the 2017 Show Year. Nomination forms will be available at the picnic and on line so watch out for them and consider if you can work in a leadership role in 2017.





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