Dog & Cat Management Board


The  Dog and Cat Management (Miscellaneous Bill) was debated in the Upper House ( Legislative Council) this week and it received bipartisan support from the sitting members. The members noted the consultation process that has been and continues to be undertaken with all stakeholders such as FASA, with approval. Mandatory de-sexing, mandatory micro chipping and the keeping of a breeder register all appear to have attracted the support of the politicians in the Upper House no matter what political party they are from.


Several Members have proposed amendments such as how often penalties under the Act should be reviewed by the Minster every five years or whether the entire Act must be formally reviewed by the Minister after five years of operation with the report to be tabled in Parliament. Three members have concerns of the definition of desexing and there is a concern over the obligation on anyone who euthanizes a dog or cat to report to the Dog and Cat Management Board concerning date, method, reason etc  amongst others.


The Legislative Council will resolve each of the issues raised via a clause by clause debate at Committee stage and this may happen in about two weeks.


Stay tuned………..



Government Response to Dog & Cat Citizens Jury


Consultation Report


Draft Dog & Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2015


Draft Dog & Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2015