2nd - 11th September 2016

The Society is pleased to announce that Edith-Mary I. Smith, has been appointed to judge at the

2016 Royal Adelaide Show.



Edith-Mary Smith has been a member of The International Cat Association (TICA) since its formation in 1979. She has been an All breed Judge since 1988, and is a Ring and School Instructor. She has judged in Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe. She judged the World Cat Congress show in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2005, and again in Miami, Florida, in 2014. She was a member of the TICA Board of Directors from 1994 to 2004. She attended her first cat show as a little girl of five and raised British Shorthairs for many years under the cattery name Smith Avenue. She has shown British Shorthairs, Maine Coons and household pets throughout various regions in TICA. Most recently, she showed her Maine Coon kitten, Sιbastien (see picture), at the TICA Annual Show in Salzburg, Austria. Her special interests lie in educating the public in the care of household pets and in promoting neutering and spaying. Her British blue tortie, Quintessa Bedmole, won three international awards, including Third Best International Alter in 2002. Edith-Mary and Barkus (a rescued brown tabby) appeared on her television show Cat Chat, which aired weekly for five years on Manitoba Access Television. Barkus died close to his 19th birthday. Edith-Mary lives in Brandon, Manitoba— near the geographic centre of North America and close to the border with the United States.



Friday 2nd September

American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Manx, Manx Longhair(Cymric), Scottish Fold Shorthair, Scottish Fold Longhair

Day 1 Results

Saturday 3rd September

Exotic, Persian, Ragdoll, American Shorthair, Snowshoes, Turkish Angora

Day 2 Results

Sunday 4th September

Balinese, Foreign White Shorthair, Foreign White Longhair, Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, Siamese, Peterbald

Day 3 Results

Monday 5th September

Abyssinian, Australian Mist, Burmilla, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Russian, Singapura, Somali, Tonkinese

Day 4 Results

Tuesday 6th September

Birman, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Scottish Shorthair, Scottish Longhair, Siberian,

Turkish Van

Day 5 Results

Wednesday 7th September

Breeders and Club Day

Day 6 Results

Thursday 8th September

Burmese, Bengal, Bombay, Japanese Bobtail, Korat

Day 7 Results

Friday 9th September

Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, La Perm, Selkirk Rex Shorthair, Selkirk Rex Longhair, Sphynx, American Curl Shorthair, American Curl Longhair

Day 8 Results

Saturday 10th September

Part Pedigree and Domestic

Day 9 Results

Sunday 11th September

All Major Prize Winners

Day 10 Results


Friday 2nd September


Best American Shorthair Exhibit
Cheveyo Harry Truman – Judith Jordan

Best British Shorthair Exhibit
CCCA GDGCH ACF AoE Imp DGCH Solaces Lord Outback Jack – Sue Allen

Best Manx Longhair Entire
Rebuss Bane Inney Niamh -  Rebecca Kuss

Best Manx Shorthair Entire
Rebuss Wassa Matta You – Rebecca Kuss

Best Scottish Fold Shorthair Exhibit
ANSCH REGAL DGCH Remporter Emo Bear – M&A Kidd

Best Scottish Shorthair Exhibit
Regal DGPN Remporter Captain Morgan – Maggie Johnston

Best Scottish Longhair Neuter
Regal DGPN Remporter Piraticia – Maggie Johnston

Judges Encouragement Award
DGCH Ambritts Let the Good Times Roll – C&N Tricarico



Saturday 3rd September


Best Exotic Shorthair Neuter

DGPR Arrakish Milkshake – Denise Liviero 

Best Persian Neuter

GPR Pawtrait Makes You Go Mmm – Charmaine Willmott 

Reserve Persian Neuter

DGPR Pawtrait I’m No Girly Man – Charmaine Willmott

 Best Persian Entire or Kitten

GCH Catmandu Legendary Lover – Joyce Pappas

 Best Ragdoll Entire

CH Cottoncandy Hubba Bubba – Luke Streeton

Best Ragdoll Neuter

Guysndolls Blue Destiny – Carmel Hallion 

Reserve Ragdoll Neuter

DGCH Amberglade Jellicle – Lyn Miller

 Best Ragdoll Kitten

Cottoncandy Sonic Boom – Luke Streeton

 Best Turkish Angora Neuter

GCH Silkenangel Evrim – R&E Bruche

Judges Encouragement Award Saturday 3rd September

DGPR Arrakish Milkshake – Denise Liviero



Sunday 4th September


Best Balinese Entire

Shyiragalong Audrey – Sue Fletcher

 Best Balinese Neuter or Kitten

Ambessa Fox Mulder -  Debbie Smith

 Best Foreign White Longhair Kitten

Amarin Poisson D Avril – Catherine Gunson

Best Oriental Longhair Entire

DGCH Templeton Dapple Fashion – M&M Wood

 Best Oriental Longhair Neuter

GPR Templeton Sunset Superman – Khyla Walsh

 Best Oriental Shorthair Neuter

DGCH Syana Some Like It Hot – L & R McNeil

 Reserve Oriental Shorthair Neuter

GDGCH Shimmeree Spellbound – Christie Sargent

 3rd Best Oriental Shorthair Neuter

GCH Syana Spectre – Irene Small

 Best Oriental Shorthair Entire or Kitten

Syana Ava Adore – L&R McNeill

 Reserve Oriental Shorthair Entire or Kitten

DGCH Shimmeree Foxy La Femme – Eryn Hoare

 Best Siamese Entire

DGCH Shimmeree Axtec Rose – Eryn Hoare

 Reserve Siamese Entire

GCH Brenner Gold Dust – L&R McNeil

 Best Siamese Neuter or Kitten

Zurisana Isadore Xanthe – Sue Fletcher

 Reserve Siamese Neuter or Kitten

DGPR Templeton Sundown – Chris Bentley

 3rd Best Siamese Neuter or Kitten

Kalinya YJ Sherwood – J&A Hobbs

 Judges Encouragement Award

GDGCH Templeton Skyfall – Debbie Smith



Monday 5th September


Best Abyssinian Exhibit

Allerbeste Clara Bow- L Caldwell & R Burke

 Reserve Abyssinian Exhibit

CCCA CH ACF AoE GDGPR Vivace King Amonasro – R&E Bruche

 Best Burmilla Longhair Kitten

Purrmilla Esmeralda – Susan Finn

 Best Burmilla Shorthair Kitten

Mesmereyes Silver Penelope – Susan Finn

Best Ocicat Neuter

Jazmarez Chocolate Dream -Lisa Rhyne

 Best Ocicat Entire or Kitten

GCH Chezami Azazel- Amanda Herde

 Best Russian Entire

Bootlace Delina Ruby – Sally Briton

 Reserve Russian Entire

CH Kimara Za Roxie Chic – Pam Worsley

 Best Russian Neuter

PR Vyatka Tzar Leo Tolstoy – Pam Worsley

Reserve Russian Neuter

BDGPR Vyatka Tzar Anatoli – Pam Worsley

 Best Russian Kitten

Vyatka Tzarina Anastasiya – Pam Worsley

 Best Somali Entire

DGCH Gunsmoke’s Woodford Reserve – Dale Plummer

 Best Somali Neuter or Kitten

Vivace Minerva – R&E Bruche

 Best Tonkinese Exhibit

SDGPR Mockingjay Primrose – Linda Marsella

 Judges Encouragement Award Monday 5th September

Vyatka Tzarina Anastasiya – Pam Worsley




Best Birman Entire

CH Bindura Blak Peppa – Sally Britton

 Reserve Birman Entire

Shiki Audrey Rose – Vicky-Lee Eves

 Best Birman Neuter

DGPR Bobbysocks Summer Heat – Jenny Edwards

 Best Birman Kitten

Elstead Master Vuitton – Jenny Edwards

 Reserve Birman Kitten

Shiki Inspector Morse – Vicky-Lee Eves

 Best Maine Coon Entire

Coonmagic China Doll – Kim Mattock

 Best Maine Coon Neuter or Kitten

BDGPR Cooncastle Shaymus Obrien – Debbie Neville

 Reserve Maine Coon Neuter or Kitten

Coonmagic Cool Harvey – Heather Gordon

 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Exhibit

Starborn Magical Goddess – Janelle Waddington

 Best Siberian Entire

Shemiaka Demarney – S&G Noble

 Best Siberian Kitten

Shemiaka Jaidah – Sherrie Noble

 Judges Encouragement Award Tuesday 6th September

Coonmagic China Doll – Kim Mattock


Wednesday 7th September


Best Celebrity Choice

Shiki Marzena -  Vicky Lee Eves

 Best Decorated Cage

Adabel Artic Willow – Laurie Westbrook

Best Temperament

Bootlace Delina Ruby – Sally Briton

Best Club Display

Adelaide Cat Club/Cat Fancier’s Society of SA

Runner up to Best Club Display

All British Cat Society of SA

Third Best Club Display

Foreign Shorthair Cat Club



Thursday 8th September


Best Bengal Entire

Adelhills Wild About you – Melinda Radus

Reserve Bengal Entire

Ch Adelhills Fey Delight – Melinda Radus

3rd Best Bengal Entire

Adelhills Heart Throb – Melinda Radus

4th Best Bengal Entire

SDGCH Adabel Caleyi

5th Best Bengal Entire

DGCH Shaloma Bear Mischief

Best Bengal Neuter

BDGCH Adabel Orion – R Grunwald & L Westbrook

Best Bengal Kitten

Bansuli Divinyls – Sybil Nelson

Reserve Bengal Kitten

Adabel Artemisia – Laurie Westbrook

3rd Best Bengal Kitten

Adelhills Fire and Ice – Melinda Radus

Best Burmese Entire

GCH Brigalow Giorgio Armanin - S&C Ween

Reserve Burmese Entire

CH Natmac Electra – Natalie Brown

3rd Best Burmese Entire

SDGCH Densue Jethro Aleric – D&S Ashby

4th Best Burmese Entire

REGDGCH Brookside Shot Silks Glow – D Dolman & C Plessnig

Best Burmese Neuter

Charlbury Versace – Kate Xenides

Reserve Burmese Neuter

Blacksmith Nitrous Oxide – S& C Ween

3rd Best Burmese Neuter

PR Besakih Berani Batin – C & T Edwards

Best Burmese Kitten

Leewood Silken Tiara – Michelle Hinder

Reserve Burmese Kitten

Densue Red O’Ryan

3rd Best Burmese Kitten

Blacksmith Sweet Sienna – S&C Ween

4th Best Burmese Kitten

Burmesque Beyonce – Natalie Brown

Best Mandalay Exhibit

DGCH Blackglama Jewel – Peter Ristuccia

Judges Encouragement Award Thursday 8th September

DGCH Shaloma Bear Mischief



Friday 9th September


Best American Curl Longhair Entire or Neuter

DGCH Remporter Way Up High – M&A Kidd

 Reserve American Curl Longhair Entire or Neuter

SDGPR Remporter Dare to Dream – Maggie Johnston

Best American Curl Longhair Kitten

Remporter A Wizards Dream – M&A Kidd

 Best Cornish Rex Neuter

DGPR Alizmah Able Tasman – Ruth Beadman

 Best Devon Rex Entire

GCH FurReFae Miss Poppy - Julie Lawrence

 Best Devon Rex Neuter

PR Astracan Diaz – Trudy Martin

 Best Devon Rex Kitten

Astracan Splash N Dash – Jenny Simmons

 Reserve Devon Rex Kitten

Kimbascurl Purple Prince – Julie Lawrence

 Best Selkirk Rex Longhair Neuter

DGPR Rebuss Ned Kelly – Dalistair Kidd

 Best Selkirk Shorthair Exhibit

APR ANSCH Sup DGPR GDGCH Rebuss Sir Walter Thomas – Judith Jordan

 Reserve Selkirk Shorthair Exhibit

DGPR Rebuss Lord Longwayaway – M&A Ongley

 Best Sphynx Entire

Amazing Queen Sabine – Debbie Myers

 Reserve Sphynx Entire

CH Filbitru Nude Kasanova - Debbie Myers

 Best Sphynx Neuter

CCCA CH DGCH Manis Dare To Wear Prada – Trudy Martin

 Best Sphynx Kitten

Artnudenveau Crinkle Cat -  Vicki Bridle

 Reserve Sphynx Kitten

Violet Beauregard Of Ragsspy -Georgia Darke

 Judges Encouragement Award Friday 9th September

Violet Beauregard Of Ragsspy -Georgia Darke



Saturday 10th September


Best Domestic Exhibit in Show

SFOCC Misty - Wendy Aikman

Reserve Domestic Exhibit in Show

Kato – Vicky Sixx

Best Domestic Male Neuter

Kato – Vicky Sixx

Reserve Domestic Male Neuter

Malleecat Maximus – Noel Gibson

3rd Best Domestic Male Neuter

DCC Shadow – Robyn Hanson

Best Domestic Female Neuter

SFOCC Misty - Wendy Aikman

Reserve Domestic Female Neuter

Glimmer – Joy Piasente

3rd Best Domestic Female Neuter

DCC Lucinca – Dalestair Kidd

Best Domestic Kitten

Phoenix Of Barabba – Betty Thomas

Judges Encouragement Award Saturday 10th September

Billy Of The Mallee – Rebecca Kuss




Sunday 11th September




Congratulations to all Finalists 


Supreme Exhibit In Show

Blackglama Jewel (Mandalay)

Owner: Peter Ristuccia



Special Award

Cats Name


Breeder of Supreme Exhibit

Blackglama Jewel (Mandalay) Peter Ristuccia

Reserve Exhibit In Show

Coonmagic China Doll (Maine Coon) Kim Mattock

3rd Best Exhibit In Show

Solaces Lord Outback Jack (British) Sue Allen

4th Best Exhibit In Show

Rebuss Sir Walter Thomas (Selkirk Rex) Judith Jordan

5th Best Exhibit In Show

Allerbeste Clara Bow (Abyssinian) L Caldwell & R Burke

6th Best Exhibit In Show

Zurisana Isadora Xanthe (Siamese) Sue Fletcher

7th Best Exhibit In Show

Brigalow Georgio Armani (Burmese) S & C Ween

8th Best Exhibit In Show

Adelhills Apollos Poetry (Bengal) Melinda Radus

9th Best Exhibit In Show

Arrakish Milkshake (Exotic) Denise Liviero

10th Best Exhibit In Show

Ambritt Let The Good Times Roll (British) C & N Tricarico
11th Best Exhibit In Show Leewood Silken Tiara (Burmese) Michelle Hinder
12th Best Exhibit In Show Pawtrait Makes You Go Mmm (Persian) Charmaine Willmott
13th Best Exhibit In Show Guysndolls Blue Destiny (Ragdoll) Carmel Hallion
14th Best Exhibit In Show Chezami Azazel (Ocicat) Amanda Herde
15th Best Exhibit In Show Vyatka Tzarina Anastasiya (Russian) Pam Worsley
Best Domestic Exhibit Misty Wendy Aikman
Resv Domestic Exhibit kato Vicky Sixx